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Messiah Lutheran Church Sunday Service: 8:30AM

Continuing through October, WELCA will be collecting supplies for school kits, health kits, and sewing kits. A drop box/basket will be placed in the narthex (the entryway in front of the  sanctuary), and the collected items will be distributed by LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF. We  encourage everyone to begin gathering supplies for this worthy WELCA Outreach Project. Kit items are printed below, and in the yellow yearbook. You can also find them in your Sunday bulletins over the next two months.
School Kits Collected by October 24th
 *Four 70-sheet college-ruled, spiral-bound   notebooks, approx. 8”x 10.5” *One 30-cm ruler *One pencil sharpener *One pair blunt scissors *Five unsharpened #2 pencils with erasers,   secured together with rubber band *One box of 16 or 24 crayons *One sturdy, drawstring cloth bag with   shoulder straps, approx. 14”x 17”   no standard backpacks
Health Kits Collected by October 24th
 *One dark 52”x 27” bath towel *Two bath-size bars of soap *One adult-size packaged toothbrush *One wide-toothed comb *One metal nail file, or nail clippers with   file attached Wrap all smaller items in the towel and tie it securely.
 Sewing Kits
 *2-3 yards of cotton or cotton blend, solid   or print material *1-2 spools of matching thread Wrap all sewing items in the fabric  and tie it securely. 

Fulfilling the Great Commission

Ah summer! That time of year when we can take a break from our studies, or get a few days off from work to kick back and relax. A time for comparing tan lines (or “burnt tomato” lines, in my case), sharing fish  stories, commiserating over mosquito bites, and offering jellies, jams, pickles, and zucchini bread to our neighbors—who invariably return the favor with more of their own jellies, jams, pickles, and zucchini bread.
In the church calendar, this long stretch from mid-June to the end of November is called the Season After Pentecost—or Kingdomtide, Dominiontide, or Ordinary Time. It’s the longest season in the church year, with the longest gaps between holy days. If you’re like me, you see that word “gap” and think of emptiness. Nothingness. The longest part of the church year is just one big gap. What are we supposed to DO with it?
If you read last month’s Messenger, you may remember that we don’t need to be so concerned about  DOING things all the time. The Creator rested on the seventh day and tells us to do the same. This rest is not just inserted into the week so we can recharge and get back to the important stuff. Rest is holy in and of itself. In times of rest, we become better acquainted with ourselves and with each other, and we form a deeper and stronger relationship with God. In times of rest, we grow.
Most churches that follow the liturgical calendar spend this Season After Pentecost focused on growth—a topic that literally brings itself up every day in farming country. We also call this season a time for “fulfilling the Great Commission”. At Pentecost, the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit, and they began to speak in many languages. So in the season after Pentecost, they were better able to teach as Jesus taught and to share God’s love with their neighbors.
Like the first disciples, we too have the gift of the Holy Spirit. We have heard Jesus’ teachings, and we know the story of His life, death, and resurrection. Now we just need to share our gifts and practice loving our neighbors. And loving our neighbors takes a lot of practice. Why do you think the season is so long? We need all the time we can get to live out God’s commission. We might get the extraordinary opportunity to tell the story of Jesus to an eager, curious listener, but most of our opportunities will be very ordinary. We might share a simple gift of jam, jelly, pickles, or zucchini bread. We might tell each other stories, compare our experiences, and sympathize with each other when we’re in pain. Whatever we do, wherever we go, and whomever we meet, may we spend this everyday, Ordinary Time fulfilling the Great Commission.
Laura Gregory (Parish Administrator)

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