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DramaQueen Confessionals
Whether a recovering addict or not, man or woman, all of us are imperfect and sinners, and knowing or having access to someplace/someone who understands, who has suffered and survived, and to read their story, is so beneficial in the healing process, in the process in finding our way back to Jesus. As stated in a story page "it is by the Grace of God alone that lets me walk with my head held high, confident and clear-eyed". As Fr. Robert or Pr. Jim have stated many times that we are to help one another, to lift one another up, love one another as Jesus loves and does for us. So take a look, or don't, and read with open heart and mind - and hopefully it helps one person feel better, or give an encouraging boost to get through that time when the devil's whispers are becoming too much.

This author is a lover of all things beautiful and broken. Her close friends are Messes and Mistakes, for she had made more than her fair share of both, as the readers will no doubt find out. She follows a perfect God imperfectly. She feels passionately, loves hard, fights for justice, and at the end of the day, is just a hippie girl whose favorite place is dancing at music festivals with her bare feet in the grass.
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