Messiah Lutheran Church Service: Sunday 8:30 AM
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Messiah Lutheran Church

Eastertide to Pentecost

     The next 50 days gives us time to rejoice and experience by what we mean when we say Christ has risen, and that we are the body of the living Christ.  This is the season for focusing on the core doctrines and mysteries of faith and to prepare us for the ministries the spirit has empowered us to undertake in Jesus's name. 
     The Easter message of hope and love needs to prevail and continue long after we celebrate Easter. The message of working for social justice and equality needs to be proclaimed and lived. Long after the colored eggs and dinners are eaten, the message remains, as followers of Jesus, we are freed to work for liberation and freedom, do justice and seek peace and wholeness in his name.  The story does not end, it continues on, and we must watch, wait, go, tell that Jesus has risen and we need to remember to pray and visit, remember those who are homeless, oppressed, those who do not have enough.  How will Jesus measure us? By what we have done to clothe him, feed him, care for him in the least of our brothers and sisters.  The story doesn't stop, it continues on.....


May 2019 Newsletter