New Dynamic Page

New Dynamic Page
Feb. 2020 Call Process / Interim Pastor: An interim pastor has been recommended by Synod for Messiah. After prayerful consideration, Council has unanimously decided to accept Pastor Steven Peeler as our interim pastor. Erich Fruehling will contact Pastor Steve Meysing at Synod to finalize the contractual    agreement. We’re hopeful that Pastor Peeler can begin at Messiah at the end of February, and we’re excited for this new beginning for our church.  Feb. 23 2020 will be Pastor Peeler's first service with Messiah.

January 2020 Update: The pastoral cabududate feels led elsewhere and graciously withdrew the appication for consideration at Messiah.  Erich Fruehling is in contact with Pastor Steve Meysing at the NE ELCA regarding an interim pastor.

June 10 2019 Call Committee Update: nominees selected are: Melissa Anderson, Theresa Mueller, Mike Armon, Duane Witt, (Youth Rep) Colton Berg, and (Council Rep) Jeff Koch.  Alternates: Cathy Cure and (Youth Rep) Chloe Lopez.  Next steps for the committee will be to meet with Pastor Steve Meysing, Assistant to the Bishop, and elect a call committee chairperson so that the Ministry Site Profile (MSP) can be finalized and submitted.  A book about Messiah Lutheran Church has been created and can been seen by clicking on this link.

The Search is on.....

A Look Ahead: The Call Process
It is my hope that every member of Messiah will commit to being a prayerful part of our transition process. Your Council will be selecting a call committee in the very near future. Since there are a number of projects along the way, I thought it would help you to see the basic structure of the steps for the next ten months.
1. Council selects a Call Committee, and these members are installed at a worship service; 2. Transition Projects Completed (includes an analysis of community needs and a profile); 3. Profile is made available and interviews are scheduled; 4. Call committee recommends a candidate to the Council; 5. Council extends a call to a new pastor.
It appears to be a very simple process, but the key ingredients in this process are prayer, flexibility, and partnership. You may be asked to assist the Call Committee because you have been identified as a person with a particular gift.  Prayer is the fuel that will get you the best possible pastor.  Each step of the process will be  communicated to you by the call committee giving you a way to bathe the process in prayer. Your new pastor will also not have a shared history and that means that you will need to be flexible. Part of my task during this interim is to get you flexible and ready to do new things under a new leader.  Your Call Committee is in need of your partnership. Pray for them and offer yourself in this transition. You have a  role in this!