New to Messiah?

New to Messiah?

Well, Hello There. 

Deciding on a new church is hard decision to make.  There are so many,
many things
to consider - Are there youth programs and activities?
Will I and my family
fit in? Are they active in the community? How much
will I be expected to do?
Is this church a good fit for my family and myself? 
All these questions and
decisions swirling in your mind, can be so agonizing,
intimidating, and just
plain scary.

Picking out a good bible based church is almost like marrying into a new family. 
You want to be confident you are going to be accepted and have supportive,
reliable connections with your church family.  Why is this decision so unnerving
Because having a relationship with God is
personal, and making the decision
to take the journey that leads to having a strong relationship with God
takes supportJust remember that we all have been there at some point in
time, and through the Grace of God, have found eachother to connect with,
lean on, be supportive, and even challenge one another to be better for
eachother and for God.  

Messiah is open to anyone who wishes to have a stronger personal relationship
with God.  Don't worry about how or what right path to take, if you are "bible"
experienced, or just "dabbling" with the idea of starting a journey to the Lord. 
Messiah warmly welcomes all, and wants you to feel at home, for
God's house is our house.

Don't be shy, join us and
lets worship together on Sunday 8:30am
and fellowship and/or bible study after.  Or check out one of our many
weekly ministries, for you are welcome to the group - even if it is only for
the one night.